LV Switchboard

Maintenance and servicing procedures for the capacitor boards.
  • Continuity test and Ohms test all fuses and carriers of Mccb’s
  • Checking of all connections to capacitor-switching contactors
  • Checking of ampere readings in each capacitors
  • Checking of setting in power factor regulator
  • Recording of KWH and kVarH meter reading
  • Reporting the power factor level at optional intervals
  • Submission of monthly service report that includes recommendation (if any) to you.
We also advise, consult, design, assemble, supply, install, rectify & upgrading capacitor banks.
LV switchboard service & maintenance replacement of circuit breakers, capacitors, contactors, relays, protection devices, surge arrestors, metering panel, ammeter, voltmeter & etc.
Servicing & calibration trip test, IR test, mechanism check, cleaning, checking, retightening of Busbar & cable connection for ACB, IDMT, OC, EF, ELR, ELCB.